Various job opportunities at Tropic Biosciences in Norwich

Tropic Biosciences:

“Based in Norwich, UK, Tropic Biosciences utilizes advanced genome editing (CRIPSR) and plant breeding technologies in developing new commercial varieties of tropical crops (e.g. coffee, banana, cacao). These multi-billion dollar crops play a critical role in supporting global nutrition and trade income but face intensifying disease and supply-chain challenges. We aim to solve these challenges through non-GMO genetic innovation.”

“CRIPSR technology is already transforming the agricultural industry at the hands of major seed companies like DuPont and Monsanto (‘Big Seed’) who use it to develop their future varieties of corn, soy and cotton. Our goal is to employ and further innovate this proven tool in the massive, largely untapped, tropical crops sector. To achieve this goal, we built a team of successful AgriTech entrepreneurs and world-class researchers with unique expertise in our target markets.”

Tropic Biosciences is currently looking for the following:

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