OpenPlant Forum 2017

Workpackage L: OpenPlant Forum: scientific exchange & responsible innovation

The OpenPlant Forum provides a platform for exploring the potential applications of reprogrammed biological systems, and a framework for exploring the wider implications of the potentially disruptive new technologies. The Forum is held annually, in the last week of July, alternating between Cambridge and Norwich. (We welcome attendees from outside OpenPlant).

This year's Forum will canvas fast and frugal techniques for engineering biology, with applications in research, education and international development.

Previous OpenPlant Forums

Reprogramming Agriculture 2016

The 2016 OpenPlant Forum was based on the theme of "Reprogramming Agriculture", with invited keynote talks from Allan Green (CSIRO, Australia), Johnathan Napier (Rothamsted Research) Patrick Jarvis (AB Sugar, Wissington), Dominic Berry (University of Edinburgh), Spencer Adler (Bioeconomy Capital), Tom Knight (Ginkgo Bioworks), Peter Murray-Rust (ContentMine, Cambridge), commentary from Monique Simmonds (Kew Gardens), Wieke Betten (University of Amsterdam) and industry perspectives from Leaf Systems, NCG:Earlham Institute, OxSyBio, Cambridge Consultants, Rainbow Seed Fund/Midven, and Plant Bioscience.

Openness & Innovation 2015

The 2015 OpenPlant Forum explored a theme of "Openness & Innovation", with keynote presentations from external speakers Tom Knight (Ginkgo Bioworks), Randy Rettberg (iGEM Foundation), Jane Calvert (University of Edinburgh), David Rejeski (Woodrow Wilson Center), Linda Kahl (BioBricks Foundation), Marcus Gershater (Synthace), Chas Boundra (University of Oxford), Rob Mullins (Raspberry Pi & University of Cambridge), invited commentary from Drew Endy (Stanford) and industry perspectives from Twist Bioscience, Bactevo, Sphere Fluidics, Isomerase Therapeutics and SynBioBeta.