About OpenPlant

OpenPlant is a £12.5M initiative that has been funded in the UK by the BBSRC and EPSRC Research Councils. OpenPlant involves over 20 research groups across the University of Cambridge and the John Innes Centre and Earlham Institute in Norwich. We are implementing open standards and practices for plant synthetic biology with a network of international collaborators. 

The broad sweep of our approach is described under the VISION menu. More detailed description of the research topics can be found under TOOLS and APPLICATIONS. Information about our outreach, education and intellectual property management work can be found under SOCIAL IMPACT. In addition, we have pioneered a scheme of mini-grants to promote practical innovation, training and interdisciplinary working, and more details of this can be found under FUND.

 A summary of our core research activities and people can be found below.

Download a PDF copy of the OpenPlant research summary document (35 pages, 13 MB)

OpenPlant Manual 2016

OpenPlant Manual 2016