Facility Manager, Edinburgh Genome Foundry

Are you keen to develop your project and people management skills in one of the most fast moving areas of biomedical research: lab automation and synthetic biology?

We are looking for a molecular biologist, with extensive project and people management skills, to drive forward an automated genome assembly platform – Edinburgh’s Genome Foundry.

The Foundry is a world-leading facility, based within the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, devoted to the design and building of DNA constructs and provision of a wide range of laboratory automation services. The Facility Manager at Edinburgh Genome Foundry will be responsible for the implementation of the Foundry’s business strategy, the effective management of its projects, people, resources and budgets.

This is a unique opportunity to apply and develop your skills within an exciting, challenging and collaborative work environment.

This post is offered on a full time, open ended basis.

Salary: £40,792 - £48,677

For further Information, please contact Dr Liz Fletcher (

Closing date is 25 June 2019 at 5 pm.

For the full job description and to apply, visit:

Various job opportunities at Tropic Biosciences in Norwich

Tropic Biosciences:

“Based in Norwich, UK, Tropic Biosciences utilizes advanced genome editing (CRIPSR) and plant breeding technologies in developing new commercial varieties of tropical crops (e.g. coffee, banana, cacao). These multi-billion dollar crops play a critical role in supporting global nutrition and trade income but face intensifying disease and supply-chain challenges. We aim to solve these challenges through non-GMO genetic innovation.”

“CRIPSR technology is already transforming the agricultural industry at the hands of major seed companies like DuPont and Monsanto (‘Big Seed’) who use it to develop their future varieties of corn, soy and cotton. Our goal is to employ and further innovate this proven tool in the massive, largely untapped, tropical crops sector. To achieve this goal, we built a team of successful AgriTech entrepreneurs and world-class researchers with unique expertise in our target markets.”

Tropic Biosciences is currently looking for the following:

For more information about Tropic Biosciences visit

[Closes 28th April 2019] Biomaker Challenge Africa Coordinator (Fixed Term), Department of Plant Science, University of Cambridge.

 The Global Challenges Research Fund is supporting a pump-priming programme to take the Biomaker Challenge to centres in Africa. Biomaker is an interdisciplinary programme that brings together multiple teams to build low-cost sensor devices and instruments for biology ( The Biomaker Africa programme is co-organised by the Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative, the BBSRC-EPSRC OpenPlant, Centre for Global Equality, and OpenBioeconomy Lab in Cambridge. We are looking for a Challenge Coordinator for 12 weeks during May-Jul 2019 to take responsibility for coordinating participating teams and managing online communications and social media. This includes organising and publicising events and highlighting interesting projects online through writing and multimedia presentations, coordinating training and connecting teams who might be able to share knowledge and skills.

The appointee will form part of a team to deliver:

  • A set of informational and training materials for biologists, engineers and interested public (e.g. the Maker community)

  • Blog posts, photos, videos and social media content about Biomaker Africa

The position will provide an opportunity to travel to sites in Africa to help organise starter and training events, and to build a wide range of contacts in this area.

Skills gained include:

  • Coordination, planning and organisation

  • Networking skills between academia and industry, including sponsor liaison

  • Communications including writing, photography, video production and social media

  • Public speaking and presentations

  • Introduction to technologies such as 3D-printing, electronics and DIY approaches to scientific instrumentation

The placement would suit someone with an interest in electronics, biology, and maker technologies e.g. 3D printing. Experience in other coordination and communication roles (paid or voluntary) is desirable. 

For full job description.

For enquiries, please email Alexandra Ting at

To apply, send a covering letter explaining your interests and suitability for the role and a CV to

[Closes 14 September 2018] Technologist in DNA packaging and delivery in Edinburgh

This position is within Prof Alistair Elfick lab, School of Engineering and UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology (

The Role:

An important underpinning technology for synthetic biology is the synthesis of DNA. Technology has now advanced to the point where it is possible to affordably construct very large constructs up to chromosome scale. An emergent bottleneck is the delivery of this into the cell. The Technologist will be actively involved in contributing to the standard development programme of the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology (UK-CMSB), in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory. They will be primarily responsible for delivering technologies to achieve the packaging and non-viral delivery of large DNA constructs into mammalian cells, with their reduction to practise as standard protocols. Their secondary role is the support of collaboration with academic and research staff and students of the UK-CMSB. The post holder will ensure that the development of UK-CMSB technology standards supports and keeps pace with the research requirements, liaising with industry, collaborators and users, advising and training staff and students.

Fixed term for 2 years

Grade 7

Closing date Sept 14th 2018

Vacancy reference  search for #044849

Contact for further information