Two publications describe focus stacking setup developed through OpenPlant Fund

Dr Jennifer Deegan has built a Focus Stacking system that enables her to take close up photos of really small plant samples, in which the full sample is in focus. In her OpenPlant Fund project, she developed the system further, working with collaborators to try photography of new samples, and built up teaching tools to enable others to replicate the system. Read about her project here: and in the two publications below:

Part 1: Deegan, J. (2017). Photographing The Fern Gametophyte Developmental Series – The First Attempt. Pteridologist, 6 (4), 263-265.

Part 2: Deegan, J. I., & Deegan, T. (2018).  Macrophotography of Fern Gametophytes Using a Focus Stacking System. Pteridologist, 6 (5), 357-360.