[Closes 26 Apr 2018] Bioinformatician - Genomics Pipelines at Earlham Institute

This position is within the Core Bioinformatics group working in collaboration with Ksenia Krasileva (University of California, Berkeley). Apply here: http://www.earlham.ac.uk/bioinformatician-genomics-pipelines

The role:

This group member will be working with the latest wheat genomic data and building a toolbox for functional analyses. Specifically, the candidate will be involved in developing software tools to help understand how new variation in NLR immune receptors is generated, updating variant calling pipelines to examine natural and induced variation in complex wheat genomes and integrating this information to enable functional characterization of wheat genes. The candidate will work independently and with members of the Swarbreck (EI) and Krasileva (UC Berkeley) Groups to develop computational tools and pipelines to analyse large datasets and interpret them in a variety of biological contexts.