[Closes 19 Apr 2018] Genomics Pipelines Senior Research Assistant (Automation) at Earlham Institute

Applications are invited for Senior Research Assistant to join the Genomics Pipelines Group at the Earlham Institute. Apply at http://www.earlham.ac.uk/genomics-pipelines-senior-research-assistant-automation

The role:

The SRA will support the automation of high-throughput workflows for the Genomics Pipelines group and the DNA Foundry at the Earlham Institute. The SRA will play a key role in automating, troubleshooting and streamlining both current and future pipelines in a rapidly changing and technology-led environment. The SRA will also assist production teams with the preparation of next-generation sequencing libraries and the building and testing of engineered organisms as required by customers’ and collaborators’ projects.

The SRA will work closely with other laboratory staff in Genomics Pipelines and DNA Foundry to plan, execute and deliver scheduled high throughput and/or novel techniques. The SRA will transition complex, and cutting-edge laboratory processes onto EI’s installed base of liquid handling robotics platforms, as well as ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of laboratory automation, and deliver training to other RAs using automated protocols for deployment into production.

The SRA will ensure efficient, effective and safe operations of the automation they are responsible for. They will train Research Assistants on using automated protocols until they are handed over for production.

The SRA’s work will support Earlham’s strategic science programmes and the National Capability in Genomics and Single Cell Analysis, and DNA foundry.