Prof. Lucy Ogbadu

National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria

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Lucy Ogbadu is a Professor of Microbiology and Director-General of the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria. She lectured at her alma mater Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria after her Master’s degree in 1980 and later at the Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria. She obtained her Doctorate degree in Industrial Fermentation in 1988 and had a productive stint in academia having researched and supervised many Ph.D., M.Sc. and Undergraduate Students in Food/Industrial Quality Assurance. She has also published extensively in high impact International journals, Encyclopaedia, Proceedings and Reports.

Professor Lucy Ogbadu has held executive positions in several professional associations. She was appointed as one of the pioneer staff at the National Biotechnology Development Agency, NABDA, Nigerian 2002, where over the years as a Director, she actively coordinated activities of various departments, namely Research and Development, Bioentrepreneurship, Food and Industrial Biotechnology. She also served as Research Director before being appointed Director General/CEO of NABDA in November, 2013. As Director-General of NABDA, Professor Lucy Ogbadu has led the establishment of many initiatives and collaborations both nationally and internationally. Her absolute dedication and efforts to advance biotechnology in Nigeria contributed to the successful passing and signing of the Biosafety Bill into law in Nigeria in 2015.

What will make your time at the workshop feel well spent?

My time would be well spent if I return to Nigeria with the requisite information for setting up an efficient programme/project in the field of Synthetic Biology within the elaborate structure of the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA).

What would you like to share during the meeting?

On-going activities

  1. We are currently building NABDA’s R&D capacity using the limited resources available;

  2. We have excellent elaborate organizational structure that provides wide platforms evenly spread across the country in the six geo-political zones of Nigeria (Zonal Centers of Excellence) for coordination of biotechnology research and development.

  3. We have twenty-six Bioresources Development Centres  established for exploration of Nigeria’s biodiversity (Flora and Fauna) for maximum benefits towards achieving food security, improved health of the nation and environmental sustainability.

  4. This elaborate structure is a framework for efficient coordination of biotechnology and biosafety research work in Nigeria.

  5. Given the vast scope of work that needs to be done in these areas, we will require collaborations with the research institutions in the UK and other countries to strengthen this work to meet up with global trends of human capacities and modern facilities development.  


  1. Programme Plan of Work that fits into NABDA’s elaborate structure  for research in synthetic biology;

  2. Specific commitments for joint research infrastructure support on the proposed collaboration; and

  3. Specific commitment on human capacity development support.