Dr. Geoff Baldwin


Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College

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Dr. Baldwin is a Reader in Biochemistry in the Department of Life Sciences and Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation (CSynBI) at Imperial College London. He has spent his career at the interface of the physical and life sciences. Having done an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, he moved into biochemistry for his PhD working on DNA-protein interactions and subsequently DNA repair. More recent interests have seen him cross the boundary to engineering in the field of synthetic biology, where his quantitative approach to studying biological systems at the molecular level has found a new application space.

He has been one of the advisors of the very successful Imperial College iGEM teams over the last few years. He has also been responsible for developing the training pipeline of synthetic biologists at Imperial College, having established the final year undergraduate module that is taught across the Life Science and Bioengineering Departments, and being Director of the MRes in Systems and Synthetic biology. He has been involved with setting up the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation where he has an active programme of research in DNA assembly, part characterisation, circuit design and implementation. These are being applied to in vivo approaches to directed evolution for the creation of new specificity and functionality for biosynthetic pathway optimisation. He also has an active programme of research and commercialisation around the use of protein nanocages as drug delivery vectors.