Workshop: From Big Data to Discovery in Plant Science (21-22 April 2016)

Integrating Large Data into Plant Science21–22 April 2016 Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon

Organisers: Sabina Leonelli, Ruth Bastow, Geraint Parry, David Salt Further information >>>

Aims of the workshop This workshop brings together prominent biologists, data scientists, database leads, publishers, representatives of learned societies and funders to discuss ways of harnessing and integrating large plant data to foster discovery. Over the last decade, data infrastructures such as cloud, grids and repositories have garnered attention and funding as crucial tools to facilitate the re-use of existing datasets. This is a complex task, and within plant science a variety of strategies have been developed to collect, combine and mine research data for new purposes. This workshop aims to review these strategies, identify examples of best practices and successful re-use both within and beyond plant science, and discuss both technical and institutional conditions for effective data mining.

In particular, workshop participants will

  • assess how effective the mining of existing large datasets and their re-use by others has been in advancing plant biology,
  • identify current bottlenecks and barriers in the data dissemination, mining and reuse pipelines,
  • highlight areas of plant science that are falling behind in the big data era,
  • explore how data infrastructures can effectively harness community knowledge,
  • evaluate business models and incentives for data users to donate resources, acknowledge databases and provide feedback that can be widely shared and provide added value to the resource.

The workshop is jointly organized by the Exeter Centre for the Study of Life Sciences (Egenis) and GARNet, with funding from BBSRC and the European Research Council.

Participation to this workshop is free, but numbers are limited. Prospective participants are required to register as soon as possible by sending an email containing a brief statement of motivation for interest in the workshop to Geraint Perry.