Thought for Food (TFF) Global Challenge

The Thought for Food (TFF) Global Challenge is calling on young innovators to develop creative, bold solutions to address one of the world’s most important challenges: how to feed 9+ billion people by 2050.

Ten finalist teams win an all-expenses paid trip to the TFF Global Summit in Zurich, Switzerland for a chance to pitch their ideas and earn up to $10,000 in seed investment. Along the way, students are supported through:

  • Mentorship from world-class experts in food security and innovation.
  • Design thinking skills taught through a state-of-the-art TFF Design Lab.
  • Practical experience in business plan, pitch and strategy development, including a startup bootcamp and pre-accelerator program.

Past participants have brought forth novel innovations including nutritious food powder that reduces food waste; amobile, solar-powered dehydrator to preserve yields in developing countries;  personal-sized vertical farmingappliances, solar powered egg production systems, accessible post-harvest technologies, living and hydroponic furniture, radically-engaging food & nutrition education programs and so much more.

The TFF Community welcomes innovation, creativity, and inspiration from any and all who are looking to create a better food system for our planet!

If you know anyone who wants to make the world a better place for our rapidly-growing population, please encourage them to sign up to participate in the 2015/16 Thought For Food Challenge!  Deadline for submissions to Round 1 is December 1, 2015.