Open Source Hardware Development Method | Open Source Ecology


We are working on a methodology for accelerating open source hardware development, and we are calling out open hardware practitioners to collaborate

To increase our effectiveness in open hardware development, we are creating an Open Source Ecology Working Team on development workflows and standards. This is our Development Method Working Team. To do this, we are collating prior work on the topic of open hardware development and documentation by reaching out to existing open source hardware efforts. We are interested in the comprehensive process of open development, everything from documentation best practices, development workflows, and versioning strategies – to social and economic aspects of the process – such as team building, production engineering, open hardware enterprise development, and many others. If you are involved in open hardware development – please fill out this Survey of Development Workflows and Practices to provide feedback on what tools and processes you use. These results will be mede available to the rest of the open source hardware community.


Open Source Hardware Development Method | Open Source Ecology.