Opportunity to join an exciting new start-up to develop insect tracking and quantification device via IoT

An exciting opportunity is available to work with a young up-and-coming start-up company.  As part of their research development, they are interested in creating an IoT demo device for insect tracking and quantification and could use some engineering help.

They are looking to make a device that can:

  1. Use vision tech to classify broad categories of insects
  2. Combine cloud-based hyper-localized data (weather conditions, time, etc.) with pollinator data. 
  3. Develop an IoT edge device
  4. Design a chemical release mechanism controlled electronically

The position is temporary to begin with, with a view to develop a permanent position in the future if the fit is right. The position would be based in London, but the company are open to applicants who aren't based in London, but are happy to travel on occasion.


Insect pollinators provide a vital ecosystem service for crop pollination in wild plants, and over 75% of crops worldwide benefit from insect pollination through increased yields at harvest. The number of wild pollinators, especially bees is steadily declining. This documented decline poses a significant risk to the production of many crops and threatens food security.

POM encourages flies to be more efficient pollinators, in scenarios where bees are no longer as viable. Flies are already adept pollinators, being the main pollinators in urban environments, and in total, accounting for over 30% of all pollination.

POM provides horticultural growers with information on pollinators and environmental conditions and uses chemical volatiles to manage pollinating fly species, thereby increasing crop productivity, and ensuring sustainable food harvests for the future.


We are looking to find an experienced Engineer who is interested in working with a young and exciting start-up that has recently taken on investment to develop an insect tracking IoT device.

The individual should have experience with working on Raspberry Pi, Cloud computing and IoT data connectivity. The position will report weekly developments to the POM team in our London office, and reports to the Senior Engineer remotely throughout the week.

This position is a two month contract with the potential to continue with the company after
the achievement of key milestones. Project Salary: £2,300+ per month

Click here to download the job description.

Interested? Contact hello@flypollination.com