[Closes 31 Aug 2017] Call for Fellows at CRI Research

Information from the website of the Centre Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI): https://cri-paris.org 

The CRI collaboratory is recruiting fellows to join their adventure. They are inviting applications for three types of fellows: short (3-6 months), long (1-3 years) and core (5 years): https://cri-paris.org/research/call-for-fellows/

The CRI is broadening its research activities, creating a collaboratory at the crossroads across the life, learning, and digital sciences.

We are developing an open, collaborative research program to tackle the world’s health and education challenges, focusing on the following broad topics, amenable to bridge foundational research and societal impact:

  • Open health – from data-rich research to development of frugal software and hardware solutions.
  • Open learning – from understanding learning to human-machine paradigms
  • Open synthetic and systems biology – from foundational understanding of living systems to open biotech and open pharma solutions.
  • Open transitions – from tracing past major transitions to understanding and shaping current digital transition.
  • Open phronesis – tackling ethical challenges of our time.

The Collaboratory will host short (3-6 months), long (1-3 years) and core (5 years) research fellows alongside with their affiliated postdocs and PhD students. They will be accompanied by associate faculty members from France and abroad that will take part in the selection and mentoring the incoming fellows and students. Anyone capable of carrying an autonomous research project, from young graduates to established researchers (including sabbaticals) is eligible to apply to become a CRI Research Fellow.  We expect a gradual recruitment build-up to reach a 60-70 strong cohort within our dedicated building at the historical heart of Paris (the Marais) that will open its doors within a year. This 6500m2 building will include state-of-the-art wet lab space, makerspace, pedagogic facilities and studio apartments for young researchers.