Cafe Synthetique: Biology as Technology

Monday, February 20, 2017, 6:00 PM

Panton Arms, 43 Panton Street CB2 1HL, Cambridge

Café Synthetique is the monthly meetup for the Cambridge synthetic biology community with informal talks, discussion and pub snacks.

This months' theme will focus on how biology is used as technology, with a particular focus on how we have and will continue to shape plant crops species. We have two excellent speakers whose work focuses on how technology is used to modify genes both for use as research tools in genetics and evolutionary biology, and also as a means of plant breeding.  

Free bar snacks and good conversation provided!


Talks and speakers

"Biology as Technology: An Unexpected History of Innovation in Living Things" 
Dr Helen Anne-Curry
Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Helen's current research considers the history of global conservation, in particular efforts made to preserve the genetic diversity of agricultural crop species through the practice of seed banking.


"Breeding technology for better crops"

Dr Alison Bentley


Alison has worked on a range of projects within NIAB’s flagship wheat pre-breeding programme, including research on characterising flowering time response and the exploitation of novel genetic diversity and genomics tools for wheat improvement. She has a strong interest in the genotype x environment interactions controlling complex traits and in the application of genomics in the breeding of high yielding, climate resilient cereals.

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Image credit: ZEISS Microscopy via Flickr, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0