OpenPlant Forum 2019 Programme

Monday 29 July (Workshop)

OpenPlant Biomaker Progress Reports and Showcase

Tuesday 30 July (Day 1)

OpenPlant Progress

Synthetic Gene Systems

Machine Learning for Biological Systems

Enterprise for the Bioeconomy

Wednesday 31 July (Day 2)

Reprogramming Eukaryote Systems

Novel Approaches & Technologies

More details to come

Venue and Contact

All events will take place at:

Buckingham House Conference Centre

Murray Edwards College

Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge CB3 0DF

United Kingdom

Tel. (+44)074 0070 1676



Image Credits

Banner image 1: OpenPlant midterm review 2018

Banner image 2: Green vaccine machine by George Lomonossoff and Eva Thuenemann (JIC). Shared under licence CC BY 4.0 in the Norwich Research Park Image Library

Banner image 3: The John Innes Conference Centre