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Norwich Biomakers: Discover the Power Beneath Your Feet


Electricity can be generated from a surprising source - bacteria found in soils and sediments. This Norwich Biomakers meetup will include a talk from Prof Julea Butt to introduce the ‘rock-breathing bacteria’ that act as biobatteries and consider how they can be harnessed as a sustainable source of power.

You will have the opportunity to explore how different disciplines - such as design, engineering, electronics, computing, biology etc - feed into such a project, and discuss what biomakers might be able to contibute to the multifaceted challenge of generating energy using biological organisms.

Register for the event at Venue to be confirmed.

The recently started Norwich Biomakers meetup group aims to bring together a network with interest in the cross-over of biology with design, technology, engineering, electronics, software, art and much more. To do this, we prove a space to learn from each other about the latest technologies and science advances, share ideas and skills and over time shape some project plans. Whether biology provides the question or the answer, as an interdisciplinary group we can play together to find solutions and most importantly, have fun! Sign up to our meetup page here to recieve notifications of events and join discussions about future event themes.