Bioengineering for African challenges: practical applications in synthetic biology

Friday 24 February 2017 | Encore Complex, Pretoria

Synthetic biology and open-source applied biology tools that are pragmatic, safe and cost-effective have the potential to stimulate bioeconomic growth and address African challenges in healthcare, agriculture, education and the environment. In this free and open symposium, several leading international experts from the UK and Africa discuss the latest developments in synthetic biology, bioengineering and DIY biology, practical opportunities for its deployment in Africa, and their potential as training tools for students and future innovators.

Academics, postgraduate students, entrepreneurs, NGOs and scientific council representatives in the biological, health and veterinary sciences, engineering and biomanufacturing are encouraged to attend. The symposium is supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), a £1.5bn UK Research Council fund dedicated to challenge-driven research support in developing countries.