OpenPlant aims to produce a fully automated workflow for the design and assembly of DNA constructions. We are also introducing automation into phenotyping and analysis workflows.

Liquid Handling

Labcyte Echo acoustic focusing liquid handling robots for automating DNA assembly have been installed in the Haseloff Lab and the Earlham Institute. Shared protocols are being developed for a range of lab tasks.

A Gilson PIPETMAX robot has also been installed in the Haseloff Lab for use with the open source Antha language.

Similar integrated procedures for DNA assembly and storage have been developed at JBEISynthetic GenomicsBiofab and Ginkgo Bioworks.

Credit: Labcyte Echo

Credit: Labcyte Echo

Software automation for DNA assembly

The Gibthon Construct Designer is a Cambridge-designed web service which allows one to automatically generate primers for Gibson Assembly. The software arose from an iGEM team project, and it provides sequence design tools and automates the design of the oligos for rapid assembly of DNAs.