Dr. Nicola Patron


The Earlham Institute

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Dr. Nicola Patron is a Group Leader in Synthetic Biology at the Earlham Institute. Her work aims to develop technologies to engineer photosynthetic organisms for the biosynthesis of high-value products and therapeutics, and to improve the yield potential and nutritive value of crop plants. Her broader scientific interests are in understanding the regulation of gene expression and the mechanisms and consequences of gene transfer events. As a SynBio LEAP fellow Nicola was recognized as an emerging leader in synthetic biology with a desire to ensure that synthetic biology has positive social impact; she is interested in the complex questions of ownership and intellectual property that surround genetic sequences and biomolecules and how these influence attitudes towards biotechnology.

Bakubung Workshop Information

What will make your time feel well spent?

  • Understanding the research priorities and aims of the host and visiting nations.
  • Identifying research themes/areas that the UK has in common with other nations.
  • Identifying areas, particularly in host and visiting countries, where biotechnology/synthetic biology is likely to able to provide a good and widely-acceptable solution to real-world problems.
  • Understanding any non-technology (e.g. political, social, regulatory) obstacles to implementing a biotechnology-based approach or solution.
  • Identifying projects and partners with which we can build scientific collaborations.
  • Gaining knowledge of existing research programs that fall within the scope of the Global Challenges Research Funding, to which we could potentially contribute.

What would you like to share during the meeting?

  • Scientific capabilities and research interests - personal and of my Research Institute.
  • Experiences in building community through the application and adoption of standards.