Plant Methods Thematic Series on Gene Editing

The sponsor of the upcoming CRISPR workshop, Plant Methods, is inviting submissions to its new thematic series on Plant Genome Editing.

The series is being launched in conjunction with the GARNet-OpenPlant CRISPR-Cas Workshop to be held at the JIC Norwich on 7-8 September 2015.

The exciting field of genome editing is advancing rapidly and precise genome editing techniques have already become an important tool for both fundamental research and plant biotechnology.

The thematic series, which will include invited reviews by Holger Puchta (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie), Sandeep Kumar (Dow AgroSciences) and Carolyn Lawrence-Dill (Iowa State University), will cover all aspects of genome editing technologies as applied to plant research (both for crop plants and model organisms). GARNet will also collaborate with Nicola Patron to produce a commentary article from the CRISPR workshop.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

• Alternative methods for targeted genome editing (including CRISPR-Cas and zinc finger nickases)

• New technologies for synthetic biology

• Computational tools for genome editing

Manuscripts in the categories of Review, Methodology, Research Article, Software or Databases will be considered.

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