Biotechnology YES competition - closes 29 May 2015

The Biotechnology YES (Young Entrepreneurs Scheme) is a competition that provides training via presentations from leading figures in the biotechnology industry on all aspects of technology transfer and the commercialisation of bioscience ideas. This knowledge is then used by participants to prepare an oral business plan presentation for an ‘imaginary’ biotech start-up company. Participating teams present their business plan to a panel of business, financial and academic representatives taking the role of ‘Dragon’s Den’ style venture capitalists. Two teams from each workshop are selected to progress through to the final, where winners of the competition receive £2,500.

The MRC sponsors the competition to allow MRC-funded students and early career researchers to compete. There is a specific stream for participants with biomedical projects. We encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to raise your awareness of the commercialisation of bioscience ideas.

For more details and how to apply, visit the biotechnology YES pages.